Sensory Lullabies at Amazon

Hey night owls! I just got in from playing and saw this in my bulletins. It's about "Sensory Lullabies" the recently released CD I was featured on. I just had to pass it along. To those who know me, this…Read more

Poster boy?

Hey all!

Burning Sky Records  now has pictures of me modeling their spiffy new t-shirt. I'm ready for my close-up, Mr DeMille! Be one of the cool kids and order one to rock for your own bad self. Ordering info…Read more

Photo Shoot

I did a photo shoot Sunday and just put up a few of the pictures. Comments are always welcome (Yeah, I'm such a Ho.) The photography was done by Channin Rosenthal. I highly recommend her to anybody needing professional quality…Read more

Jellyfish tribute available for pre-order

Finally, the time is here!
The Jellyfish tribute CD I've been going on about is finally available for pre-order. It features my version of the unreleased track "Let This Dream Never End" and loads of other great covers. Act…Read more

Three Months

Wow, three months without a blog. Whole lotta stuff to talk about. So here's the updates.

My drummer, Sonya Forbes, had to step down after the "Wednesday Nights In Memphis" CD release. The gig was pretty bittersweet, as it…Read more