Gone Country?

11/11/08Yeah, you heard that right. Recently I was asked if I had any songs that would fit for a country compilation cd. Amazingly, I actually did. I had just written "Same Life, Different Day" and, while it doesn't fit in the context of my power pop/rock band, people really seemed to like it. I even had a few country artists wanting to play it but it's a little too personal to me to give to someone else. So my buddy Jeff Marks and I hit the studio and recorded it and I gave them "Picture" from the new album UNEARTHED as well.

Well, the cd is finally out and I was supposed to do a solo acoustic set for the album release, but they said they'd prefer that I have a band. That got me to thinking. I've always wanted to start a side project that would showcase the kind of 1970's California country rock I grew up with, stuff like the Eagles, America, Neil Young, and all that. I'm also a big fan of the current Americana/Alt. Country scene as well(Son Volt, Wilco, etc.), and have many songs in that vein that I don't get a chance to play in the rock band.

So I have a new side project now, called The Stargazers Union. Check us out at http://www.myspace.com/stargazersunion and add us if you're so inclined.

The lineup is:
Mike Dees: Guitar, Vocals
Jobu Babin: Guitar, Lap Steel, Vocals
Tom Arndt: Bass, Vocals
Jeff Marks: Keyboards, Guitar, Vocals
Kevin Doherty: Drums, Vocals

That's right, vocals aplenty and keyboards to boot. It's sounding really good and we're having a lot of fun with it. Right now we're just concentrating on "recontexting" my songs into this format for the CD release show, but with 5 vocalists and 4 excellent songwriters, who knows what might come of it down the road.

Come see us Thursday, November 13 at the Red Rooster (Kayak Country Radio CD release party)
140 Lt. George W Lee Ave Memphis, Tennessee 38130
Lots of acts celebrating the release of the Kayak Country Radio CD, including the debut of Mike Dees' new Americana project The Stargazers Union. Come learn the new dance sensation, the Kayak Rodeo Romp!
8PM: Memphis Trio
9PM: BonnieJean Drobeck
10PM: Mike Dees & the Stargazers Union
11PM: Sorghum Hill

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