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Hey night owls! I just got in from playing and saw this in my bulletins. It's about "Sensory Lullabies" the recently released CD I was featured on. I just had to pass it along. To those who know me, this is a pretty big thing!
UPDATE: of 09/21 it moved up to 27. WHEEE!
Number 35 at Amazon!
Jellyfish fans,

As of 9pm US Eastern Standard time tonight, "Sensory Lullabies: The Ultimate Tribute to Jellyfish" had reached number 3,408 overall at Amazon, and number 35 in Music Compilations! This is great news!

The numbers move around a lot, but I'm still kind of blown away. I honestly believe that if people give "Sensory Lullabies" a chance, they're really going to like it. Hopefully, the good news will continue.

If you have already received your copy of "Sensory Lullabies," you might want to leave a review of the Album at Amazon - you'd be amazed how many people see those reviews. There are a couple of great reviews posted already - thank you, Dave and Tim!!!

McFly's "Baby's Coming back" rockets to number 1 in the UK in May, "Sensory Lullabies" hits number 35 at Amazon, "Beatnik Beatch" gets re-released next month, Sextus' debut Album is coming out soon, and we here at Burning Sky Records may be releasing a bunch of incredible unreleased Imperial Drag material soon - it's a great time to be a Jellyfish fan!

Cheers, and thank you so much for all of your support!

Alan and the Burning Sky Records Jellyfish Tribute Album Team

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