Squeeze review

A great review of the Squeeze tribute album was posted by the Squeeze fansite Packet of Three. Here's my favorite part.

"The Knack by Mike Dees manages to achieve a real grandeur that some of the other tracks never reach. You believe he was there and saw what he did as he inhabits the song for you, making it his own. Full marks to Mike Dees too for being brave enough to cover Hard to Find."

Not too shabby!

Read the full review here http://www.packetofthree.c​om/2011/08/06/competition-​win-the-songs-of-squeeze-r​evisited and get a copy at http://www.burningskyrecor​ds.com/bsrsqueezev2.php or download MP3s from iTunes, or http://www.nimbitmusic.com​/burningskyrecords .

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